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Program Guide

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co-ed programs - check first! - co-ed
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programs for all ages and stages!
vocational, degree, Jewish Studies, short term, shiurim...check it out!

Israel is a great place to go to seminary! So many options - city, country, classroom learning, chavruta learning, big, small, conventional, and non-conventional.
  • Jerusalem   ( 55 Articles )
    Jerusalem - the center of the center.  Lots of great seminaries to choose from no matter what your knowledge level or your hashkafa. 
  • Safed   ( 4 Articles )

    Safed, Zefat, Tsfat, Zfat, Safad, Safes, Safet...doesn't matter how you spell it, this amazing city is a special place to spend time.

  • Gush Etzion   ( 2 Articles )
    Not far from Jerusalem, but a little outside of the intensity of the city.  Easy transportation into Jerusalem if you want - or enjoy being in a more rural setting.
  • Beit Shemesh   ( 3 Articles )

    Beit Shemesh is midway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  A bit quieter, but easy access to the bigger cities. 

  • other Israel   ( 9 Articles )
    Jerusalem isn't the only place to go to seminary in Israel - check out these programs around the country.
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