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613 95272613 or 95277010

Spring St St Kilda
Melbourne 3183




This is a shanna bais high level learning program with an emphasis in Chassidus and Halacha and covering information from the text.

The program is ideal for someone serious about learning and growing in their YiddishKeit.

What unites our students is that in both the flame of Yissish keit has been ignited despite any differences in background.

Head of Program:

Rabbi Y Hoch

Number of students:


Age range of students:


Programs available:

Year Program, Summer Programs, Short Term/Special Programs, Programs for Beginning Learners, Programs for Advanced Learners

Program's learning style:

Learning style is to cover ground from the text. We offer group classes as well as one on one chevrusa style learning.

Bus routes nearby:

bus and tram

Living accommodations:

Dormitory is next door to the classes. It is a beautiful home designed to hold up to 12 girls.

Includes very comfortable facilities including washing machine, dryer, gym, pool living areas and large kitchen.

Meal plan:

The seminary provides breakfast, lunches (hot lunch 3 times a week) and daily dinners

Food available nearby:

supermarket, convenience store

Dress code:




Community Chesed Component:


Shana Bet program:


What student is right for this program:

We are looking for a serious and highly motivated student who would like to study chassidus and indepth Halacha and grow in her observance of Yiddish Keit. She should be openminded and accepting of girls from a variety of backgrounds.

Vocational learning:

mediation and negotiation

Extra-Curricular activities:

Shabbatonim, Tiyulim

What makes this program unique:

We are a smaller seminary in which the learning and general progress of each student really counts. Whilst in the seminary each of our students is really treated like family with care and consideration for where they are in life.

We offer biannual community learning "going deep" programs in which our regular students take on a shlichus role through helping to run the program and learn one on one with beginner students.

We accept girls up to the ages of 25 into our dorm as long as they are serious about learning

Can students earn college credit:


Other scholarships available:


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